Small footprint, big results:

Get the Handytrim effect!

The principle behind Handytrim is ingeniously
simple: Simply rotate the aluminum disc using
the twisted cord (1). To keep the disc in motion,
pull the cord rhythmically some 30 to 50 times in
30 seconds, much like spinning a horizontal yo-yo
(2). This exercise showers the blood with oxygen
(3) to stimulate circulation, remove metabolites, and
ultimately reduce stress levels.
Handytrim tones the entire upper body, firming up
muscle tissue and training the large pectoral muscles
and triceps.

Exercise with a special twist:

Medically tested and proven:
A medical study by the German back specialist and renowned Olympic team physician Dr. Albert Güßbacher found Handytrim highly effective in relieving painful tension in the neck and shoulder area, and improving muscle tone. And it does all this simply by exercising for 30 seconds in 5 different positions, 2 to 3 times a day.

Every movement generates tensile force ranging up
to 10.4 kg, depending on the model, disc weight, and
rotation speed. This rotation creates a vibrating and
slightly varying load that deeply exercises the muscles
and makes training with Handytrim so very efficient.
Five minutes and fi ve easy-to-learn exercises are all
it takes for a full upper body workout.